Food Safety and Transnational Private Regulation – Workshop

March 12, 2010 12:00 AM
The workshop should provide the conceptual framework for the research on private regulation in food safety within the project on the Constitutional foundations of transnational private regulation.

European University Institute 12-13 March 2010

The general research question concerns the relationship between the growth of private regulation and the changes in the supply chain. Along the lines of the project we want to investigate the subject looking at the players involved in private  regulation,  particularly  industry  and  NGOs  and  the  interplay  between  private  and  public regulation at transnational level. We would like to explore the changes in private regulation and those in the supply chain and the correlation  between  the  two.


Private regulation and the supply chain
Fabrizio Cafaggi, European University Institute
John Humphrey, University of Sussex

Private regulation between international and European level
Linda Fulponi, OECD
Alberto Alemanno, HEC Paris

Food safety private regulation and the impact on industries
Dario Dongo, FederAlimentare

Food safety Private regulation and the role of developing economies
Janet Beauvais, McGill University

Interactions between transnational private and public regimes
Lásló Bruszt, European University Institute
Gerald McDermott, University of SouthCarolina
Julia Langbein, European University Institute

Alberto Alemanno's presentation: click here to get it


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